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Ear, Nose & Throat Medical Associates

Our Facility

At Advocare Ear, Nose, & Throat Medical Associates we offer many technologically advanced testing equipment and treatments. Some of these include…


Hearing tests for all ages, workup and treatment for tinnitus including hearing aids and tinnitus maskers. Specialized tests include comprehensive Audiograms in a sound booth, sound field testing, tinnitus matching and suppression, Otoacoustic Emmisions, Electrocochleography, and Electronystagmograms for dizziness. We have rehabilitated rare causes of hearing loss not amenable to conventional hearing aids.


Video and Endoscopic Equipment for diagnoses. Allergy testing.   We dispense allergy drops as an alternative to injection Immunotherapy. We offer Balloon Sinuplasty as a less invasive, no cutting technique to sinus disease.

Nasal Breathing

We offer minimally invasive techniques (Turbinate Reduction) to relieve nasal blockage which can be performed in less than 10 minutes right in the office.